climber machine

Why People Should Buy a Climber Machine ?

A climber machine is a low-impact exercise machine that gives control on your speed as you go up and down the steps. It is not difficult to use, as it is as simple as climbing real stairs, making it an easy fitness routine.

Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Maxi Climber Machine

  • It helps burn calories. Excess calories are the cause of stored fat on your hips. If you eat excessively, the extra calories are stored as fat on the hips. The hips are not the only place where fat is stored, but it is the area where it is most noticeable. A climber machine works out the largest muscle groups of the body. By using your largest muscle groups to lift your weight up, you easily burn calories or stored fat.
  • To burn 3,500 calories, you need to burn 1 lb. of fat. If a 160-lb. person spent one hour exercising on a climber machine, this person will lose around 657 calories, which is over one pound per week. A stair climbing workout routine will help you lose fat all through your body, including your hips and will tone your leg muscles. Thus, you maintain a healthy body weight
  • It improves cardiovascular function and endurance. Climber machines reduce or prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. It is a good exercise machine to lower blood pressure and allows blood vessels to slacken preventing fat from accumulating in the vessels. It helps increase your heart rate. Working out for 20 minutes will likely elevate your heart rate by 19 minutes.
  • It prevents heaving and puffing. Respiration increases as your heart rate increases. Working out on a climber machine may be very challenging in the beginning, but it helps you to keep fit as you progress.

climber machine

  • It tones and sculpts your whole lower body. Every major muscle in your lower body is engages during stair climbing, which is more than 120 times per minute, including your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. This results to fat burning and building of lean muscles.
  • It is a low impact aerobic and anaerobic fitness exercise. Low impact exercise reduces the impact of the feet on the floor, thus, reducing injuries on the joints. For this reason, a climber machine is ideal for fitness starters, experts, pregnant women, overweight or obese individuals, and the elderly.
  • It increases bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Low bone density leads to osteoporosis that can lead to an increased risk of getting fractured. A climber machine increases bone density or at least reduce the rate of decrease in both sexes.
  • It strengthens the core muscles. Core muscles are engaged with every step on the climber machine. This helps the core muscles to build endurance and strength.
  • It improves the flow of blood and nutrients in your body. This helps to reduce pain and promotes healing.
  • It is useful to train for sports that you want to learn or already enjoy. Climber machines imitate the various facets of rock climbing, making it beneficial for rock climber enthusiasts.
  • It is better than exercising or climbing real stairs. When you do real stair climbing, you need to ascend and descend the stairs. Real stair climbing puts much stress on your knees compared to climbing up. This is because the muscles and connective tissues on the knees act as “brakes” to resist the effect of gravity and there is more landing force of the feet with each step.

In summary, a climber machine is a great purchase because it keeps you fit. When you are fit, you feel better and healthier.